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"This book takes an inside look at the messy, wild and wonderful side of motherhood, but doesn’t stop there. It is wrapped with the truth of God’s word, His redeeming love, and His grace that encourages worn-out and weary moms to endure and embrace the preschool years.

As the chapters unfolded, I looked forward to her delightful style of sharing personal stories of chaos and concerns that preschool moms face, the lessons learned, and the biblical insights that give reassurance and hope. As a mom with little ones, you will find yourself comforted in the mundane days, and validated to know you are normal and not crazy."

- Susan Miller, March 2019

Author of After the Boxes are Unpacked

"I met Lori in 2007 and I was hooked. She embraces you with love, caring, wisdom, understanding, and laughter. She's an amazing mom, wife, writer, and blogger. Lori's House of Crazy blog, where she shares her experiences of being a mom and military wife, are beyond funny. In all of her writings she reminds you that as a mom, you are also God's Daughter and that it's okay to make mistakes. Being a mom doesn't come with a manual. No two kids are the same. While her "ducklings" are much younger than mine, her stories are insanely relevant no matter what stage of mommyhood you are in.....I promise you will not be disappointed!"  

                             - Christi Perkins, January 2018

"I have to tell you, not that I'm a publishing expert or anything, but I think the book's a winner. I laughed out loud at her sample chapters remembering the fun, fun, FUN details of parenting toddlers. I was right there with her as she retold a shopping trip that included broken glass in aisle 3, 200 feet of unspooled ribbon in aisle 4, a bleeding toe and a panty liner as a makeshift bandaid for said toe. Then I teared up as she explained how choosing to be joyful amidst the chaos changed her perspective. She connects each chapter to verses of scripture that really bring God's Word home in a relatable manner."

                          - Dawn Meehan, March 2018

                           Author of Because I Said So

"Beautiful and hilarious food for the soul. Loretta Monroe is my favorite page to follow on Facebook."      

                                   - Kelly Long, January 2018

"A Devoted wife and mother. A true inspirational woman both to her children and her military husband."

                             - David Charles, January 2018

“Friendship ... is born at the moment when one man says to another "What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .” 

C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

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