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Preschool aged children are highly skilled in the art of placing their mothers on the crazy train in ten seconds or less. But here’s the secret…This is normal! 

Set against the background of life with three boys, aged one, two, and three, and a husband deployed to Iraq, Laughing All the Way to Kindergarten is a delightful account of the hilarity of motherhood and the truth of God’s Word, all baked into one satisfying piece of inspiration pie. This book takes a very real and irreverent look at the messy side of motherhood, shining the light of God’s redeeming love and grace and encouraging mommies to sweep aside the crumbs of regret so they can fully indulge in all the wild and wonderful bitter-sweetness the preschool years have to offer.


"This book takes an inside look at the messy, wild and wonderful side of motherhood, but doesn’t stop there. It is wrapped with the truth of God’s word, His redeeming love, and His grace that encourages worn-out and weary moms to endure and embrace the preschool years.

As the chapters unfolded, I looked forward to her delightful style of sharing personal stories of chaos and concerns that preschool moms face, the lessons learned, and the biblical insights that give reassurance and hope. As a mom with little ones, you will find yourself comforted in the mundane days, and validated to know you are normal and not crazy.

- Susan Miller
Author of After the Boxes are Unpacked

​"I have to tell you, not that I'm a publishing expert or anything, but I think the book's a winner. I laughed out loud at her sample chapters remembering the fun, fun, FUN details of parenting toddlers. I was right there with her as she retold a shopping trip that included broken glass in aisle 3, 200 feet of unspooled ribbon in aisle 4, a bleeding toe and a panty liner as a makeshift Band-Aid for said toe. Then I teared up as she explained how choosing to be joyful amidst the chaos changed her perspective. She connects each chapter to verses of scripture that really bring God's Word home in a relatable manner."

                          - Dawn Meehan

                           Author of Because I Said So

The Very First Amazon Review


"You will yell “YES! Finally there’s a mom who GETS IT!!!”

"A breath of fresh air! Loretta digs deep into the messy parts of Mommyhood and puts it all out there with humor and grace.
She gives us a front row seat to the days where things fell into place, as well as the times she knew she got it ‘wrong’ and what she learned in the process. You will laugh and cry with her. You will see yourself in the stories. You will be encouraged by the verses she includes with each chapter. You will learn that everything you feel/felt about motherhood is absolutely normal. You will be blessed."

                          - sophiemaecat

                           Amazon Reviewer

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"What a blessing my friends are. And what a blessing this funny, beautiful book will be for you! My dear friend Loretta Monroe sent me a lovely autographed copy of her new book Laughing All the Way To Kindergarten. Do yourself a HUGE favor, go to amazon & buy this book. I’m laughing like crazy as Loretta speaks truth about the love of a mom as her kids strive to drive her nuts all while God demonstrates his love daily.  This isn’t one of those books where someone pretends to be perfect, but is a real, honest & piddle your pants funny book.  READ IT!  You’ll want to have coffee with Loretta & make her your new best friend."


- Margie Farwell

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